Saving Dapo #13 by @seunodukoya

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Yemisi watched Dapo disappear and burst into a fresh wave of tears.




“Thank you, God bless you too. I’m so glad you’re happy,” she responded to Rita. “Em….he’s fine I’m sure.”

There were a few moments of nods – and then; “Yes, yes thank you. You too! Take care of him o!”

The phone clicked off and Yemisi held it to her chest, smiling skywards. It had been a huge success; more than she had expected. The food had finished, even the reserved stash finished – and the business cards Dapo printed for her too were gone – all she had left were two copies she intended to keep as memoirs.

Her conscience poked at her with hot fingers, twisting in her chest and burning her heart. Maybe she had been too hasty – and maybe it was the shock of seeing Remi like that…

Still, it was hard for to accept the accolades being heaped on her without feeling some guilt; because she realized it wouldn’t have happened without him. Opening her purse, she picked up one of the cards, running the edge of a well manicured fingernail along the embossed logo.


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Saving Dapo #12 by@Seunodukoya

Remi couldn’t look more surprised if he’d opened his eyes one morning and found Beyonce lying next to him.

Or maybe he would have. Anyways…

Dapo frowned, looking at Yemisi – particularly at the pinkish stain that was rapidly spreading along her face. “Yemisi?”

Her mouth was opening and closing like a gaffed fish’s. She tried to speak – what came out was a weird croak.

She swallowed and tried again.

“Dapo…who is this?” she asked. Dapo’s face screwed up as though he’d just swallowed something bitter. “What do you mean? I told you – my cousin Remilekun, ‘Lekun for short.”


Turning to look at his cousin, Dapo poked him in the chest with an aggressive finger. “You better start talking, guy. Where do you know my girlfriend from?”

Heavy emphasis on the girlfriend.

“I…I didn’t know she was your girlfriend! I just…” Remi stopped speaking as Yemisi pushed him aside roughly and moved quickly away.

“Yemisi –“ Dapo started, and then moved after her rapidly, thoughts racing randomly through his head. He did not understand what she was – in fact, he understood nothing about the past few minutes.

Maybe I should have stopped and questioned Remi…

No. In this situation, you chase the most desirable objective. In this case…


He caught up with her as she stepped out of the hall’s side door and reached out to hold her elbow. She snatched it from his grasps without pausing – and then she started to run.

“Yemisi…what are you doing?” he asked, feeling exasperated. It’s things like these…

That make you wonder why you’re not single?

“Oh shut it!” he muttered, wincing from the abrupt change in temperature as he left the cool of the hall. He saw Yemisi making her way between vehicles towards the gate and ran to stop her.

“What is it?” He said forcefully, biting his lips to refrain from yelling at her. She stood in front of him quietly, chest heaving with some emotion with her face averted – and then she looked directly at him.

The tears streaming down her face shocked him into silence.

“Am I that pathetic a girlfriend that after five days of being with me you would set me up with your cousin? Why did you not just say you were not interested – instead of being nice and so sweet and…and…”

Dapo grabbed her shoulders none-too-gently – and dropped his hands to his sides at her wince. “Yemisi…what are you saying?”

She tossed her hair. “Ask your cousin,” she said and walked away.




“Dapo…I swear…”

“Guy, e don do,” Dapo responded, impatiently brushing aside Remi’s explanations. He continued his staring at Yemisi, who was on the other side of the room studiously avoiding his gaze. He knew what she was thinking – he just couldn’t make sense of it.

“Why would you think that?” he muttered under his breath.

“Think what?” Kazeem asked from his left.

“I’m not talking to you,” Dapo snapped rudely. Kazeem looked at his plate and gently set it down as everybody else looked away – including Grace.

They knew the signs.

See? There’s just nothing you know how to do other than ruin things for the people you so supposedly care about.

Don’t even do that. This one – this one time it not my fault. In any way!

Look – maybe if she had been patient, maybe if she had waited some more days she would have met him, and she would have been single, and they would have gotten themselves out of my hair.

And then, you would have continued your drinking and porn-watching and…

You’ve made your point.

“I’m stll crazy though,” he said out loud. “Still having arguments with myself!”

A sharp pain in his side brought him out of himself and he realized the whole hall was staring at him. He stared back at them with aggression – as his hand moved down to his side to find it was an elbow digging in there. Some further probing revealed it was his cousin on the other end of it.

“What is it?” he almost yelled.

Remi looked apologetic. “You’ve been called to give the toast,” he said.

Dapo was stunned. He turned in his seat to find Chidi and his wife smiling in his direction. He shook his head gently – and stopped as Chidi pointed to his new wife and shrugged.

He stepped away from his seat, scooping the half-full wine cup and walked to the stage amidst scattered applause. Taking the mic from the MC, he turned to face the crowd, heart thumping crazily.

You should have had a drink.

He found himself looking in a pair of eyes, eyes wet with tears, eyes that met his unflinchingly – and holding the gaze Dapo began to speak.

“I don’t like banks. Honestly, I’m that guy who likes to look at his money and know it is not going anywhere. Maybe it is not growing – but it is NOT going anywhere.”

There was some laughter – except in the eyes he was looking at. He continued.

“I’d rather keep my money under the pillow and if the house burns, I know my money burnt with the house. What am I going to do when some bank suddenly tells me they failed? What is that? Did they do a test with my money?”

The eyes he was looking into struggled – and then gave into the urge to laugh.

And he, in that moment believed everything was going to be just fine.

“But I have been at a bank twenty times in the past few months. Why?”

He paused dramatically, watching the audience as it seemed it held its breath collectively, waiting for him to let them down.

“Well, because Chidi met his special one at GT bank! Why not me?”

The audience erupted with loud laughter.

But he wasn’t done. He waited for the initial wave of laughs to die down – and then he delivered his coup de grace;

“At least they got that one right!”

The reception went bonkers. Someone yelled from the crowd; “You gave the wrong guy the emcee job!”

Soon enough, they calmed down and he became serious. “I know I speak for so many people here when I say marriage has lost its enchantment and allure – even relationships have become mundane somewhat. We all walk around with a lot of baggage – mad at each other as though it is all our faults that baggage is there.”

He paused and cleared his throat.

“But in the midst of all that, something like this comes along to remind us that it is not all futile. I wonder what made Chidi speak to Rita – I wonder what made her respond. Chidi’s not that fine na.”

Amidst the audience’s laughter, Chidi stood up in his seat and looked for something to throw at Dapo. Failing to find anything, he bit down on his forefinger – and then snapped it in Dapo’s direction. Dapo shrugged, smiling as Rita laughing dragged her husband down to his seat.

“But she did – and here we are, celebrating with them and wishing them well, at least we hope you all wish them well. And if you don’t, na you know o. Nothing can shake this couple.

“Personally, this for me is a revelation, learning, a knowing that sometimes, life throws things our way. Things happen – but in the midst of all that, love remains real.”

He lifted his glass up. “Here’s to Chidi and Rita, and a promise of love.”

He bowed, tipped the glass to his lips and drank.




“That was amazing!” Grace gushed as soon as he returned to his seat. “And that wasn’t rehearsed?”

Dapo smiled at her. “I wish it was.”

Kazeem said half-drunkenly. “Omo, if na so you dey sound without rehearsal, you dey try o! You supposed be pastor. Your mouth sweet!”

Remi couldn’t wait to speak. “Man, I never thought I’d say this but – I’m proud of you man! Nicely done!” He patted Dapo’s shoulder. “You definitely are giving the toast at my wedding!”

Dapo sounded bitter. “To who?”

Remi was going to give a flippant answer, but then he saw the look on Dapo’s face and his own countenance fell. “Em…”

As one, as though by mutual consent, they turned and looked at Yemisi.

She was oblivious to their attention as she played the perfect host, laughing brightly and handing out one of her greeting cards to a young couple.

Dapo smiled sadly.




“I just want to talk to you,” he yelled to make himself heard over the pouring rain.

“We have nothing to talk about,” came the answer. “Just go away.”

Dapo shook his head and angrily looked at his wrist watch. Seven minutes after nine on a rainy Sunday evening. This is why I stay out of relationships!

“What do you mean we have nothing to talk about? You’re just going to jump to conclusions – I don’t even get to tell my side of the story?”

“If I am jumping to conclusions they are the logical ones! You don’t believe in coincidence Dapo, so can you please explain to me how your cousin happened to be eating in a Tantalizers just three blocks away from my office?!”

“I will – right after you explain to me how I knew you were going to eat there that afternoon!”

There was a moment of silence – and then; “Oh, stop it Dapo! Everyone knows how smart you are! It’s a simple matter of just asking him to go there and watch for me –“

Dapo was shocked. “You cannot possibly be serious. And why would I bother with such elaborate Game-Of-Thrones plotting – when I could very well have shut you down the moment you asked?”

Yemisi sounded tired. “Look Dapo, I don’t know how genius thinking works. Just go away please.”

That familiar madness welled up inside Dapo, and he found himself speaking angrily before he could stop himself.

“I don’t have time for this nonsense. I don’t know what happened to you to make you so freaking paranoid – but it sure did a number on you. I didn’t ask for this – you came to me and I did my best to make it work when I could have easily told you no. So whatever it is you’re telling yourself – don’t forget that.”

He turned away and walked to his car.




There goes another one.

Don’t even start. This one has nothing to do with me.

Did I say it did? I’m just pointing out the fact that we’re alone again.

And better for it, trust me.

He raised his hand to push the bell again – and then Remi opened the door. “Hey Dapo! Sorry o, this rain – “

Brushing past Remi rudely, he took off everything he had on, leaving a puddle of wet clothes in front of his door, along with a staring Remi. And then, without a stitch of clothing, he went into his bedroom – particularly the wall closet.

He opened a small cupboard and lifted a half-full bottle of McDowell’s. He dumped it on the table, shivering slightly as he ran to turn off the room’s air-conditioning – and then sat on the bed and stared at the gold liquid in the bottle.

He closed his eyes and pictured the tears as they streamed down her full cheeks. Yemisi, who was only trying to help.

You were too hard on her.

And she wasn’t on me? I mean, she knew who I was before she decided to give it a shot. She should at least have given me the benefit of doubt! It was as though she had been looking for an excuse to get mad at me!

It’s not about you.

Oh really? And who is it about? Who are we saving again?! It IS about me!

Oh, shut up.

I am going mad.

He reached for the McDowell’s and slowly began to unscrew the cap.

You’re going to drink? That’s the solution – drink? All this time and this is what it comes down to?

Would everything have been for nothing?

He stopped and thought about that.

But I hurt!

I know. I hurt too; in case you forget. But this is what has to be. We work through the pain, and come out of this a better person. That’s why we agreed in the first place – because we were also tired of all the sadness.

But I tried…

Try harder. Do better, Dapo.

You can be better. You are better.

But Yemisi…

Will have to work her way through whatever it is she’s feeling – just like we are.

Be better.

Dapo took a deep breath and hurled the McDowell’s bottle against the wall – averting his face as it smashed into several hundred fragments and bathed him with flammable liquid.

Okay – so that’s not what I meant.

There was hurried banging at the door. “Dapo! Dapo what are you doing?! Open this door!” Came Remi’s frenzied yelling.

Dapo laughed. “Calm down jo. There’s nothing happening – go and sleep.”

Smiling to himself, he listened as Remi’s footsteps dwindled away.

Okay – you were not supposed to throw that bottle like that, but it works. Tell me you don’t feel better.

He watched the golden liquid trickle down the wall and nodded.

I feel better.

He lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling till it was morning.


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Saving Dapo #11 by @Seunodukoya

She couldn’t help the smile that appeared on her face as she saw him.

He stood at the gate; the back-and-forth movement of his head as he scanned the cooking women the only indication he was looking for something. Or someone.

She remained unmoving for some minutes, taking in his appearance. He knew how to wear clothes and even though he was casual – blue t-shirt and brown shorts with his small feet tucked into leather slippers, he looked nice.

She; feeling somewhat self-conscious in her scandalously short jean shorts and working blouse tied leaving her midriff bare slowly stood up and washed her hands of the onion she was peeling. And then, patting her net-covered head, made her way towards Dapo wishing she could wipe the smell of smoke away from her body.

He saw her while she was still some distance off and his smile made her eyes hurt. He looked so good she wanted to run over and jump all over him and smother him with her body – the same body that smelled of smoke and palm oil and fried fish and pepper and…

She slowed down, one hand covering her mouth as her boyfriend started moving in her direction walking slowly, and yet she blinked and he was right in front of her.

“I smell of all sorts of –“ her voice was cut off as he pulled her into a hug. He smelt of aftershave; of roll-on…there was an earthy smell about him.

He smelt of ‘man’.

“Okay,” she mumbled underneath her breath and hugged him back.






“This is…this…I’m not even sure I have the words to qualify this. It’s fantastic!”

Yemisi lowered her eyes shyly – but her heart was beating loudly; almost violently. She liked that he liked what she cooked, and she watched his mouth slowly work the iyan. He looked up, caught her eye and winked.

“The efo is just correct – the pepper and ponmo…everything works.” He shook his head. “What took you so long?” he asked.

Yemisi smiled and took his unoccupied hand. “What took you?”

Dapo snatched his hand away, trying to frown but not making it. “When it’s time, it’s time.” Reaching across his body – left hand in right pocket, he continued, “Speaking of which…”

The digging hand finally found what it was looking for – two small white boxes. He pulled them carefully from the pocket and handed them to her. “A little something I came up with,” he said, dropping them in her open palm before carrying his plate and walking a small distance away.

With trembling hands, Yemisi opened the first of the two. She tore a corner of the white envelope and saw the edge of something – it was white and blue all at once.

“Dapo, what is this?” She looked at her boyfriend who was grinning.

“You’re holding it in your hands – and you’re asking me what it is? That’s all the types of JAMB questions rolled into one.” He winked at her cheerily, swallowing another morsel of iyan.

Carefully, Yemisi inserted a pink fingernail underneath the torn edge and pulled. The paper gave way – tearing sound drowned in the hustle and bustle of the women in the yard. But she wasn’t paying any attention.

She was staring at the cards that spilled into her palms – beautifully designed white and blue business cards. Running the fingers of her left hand along the edge of the one uppermost in her right hand, she enjoyed the feel of the raised lettering on it.

Only then did it occur to her she did not know what the words were.

She took one and held it up, squinting in the glare of the freshly risen sun as she read:


Blue Flame Catering

Events. Food. Service.

And slightly below that;


Yemisi Adeoba



She must have stood there for a full minute, looking at the card, tears stinging her eyes.

“Are you okay?” She heard Dapo’s voice from miles away. “You don’t like them?”

Yemisi’s scream cut through the activity in the yard and brought her mother running from where she was berating one of the cooks. What she saw, however, put a stop to her hurrying feet and put a smile on her face.

Her daughter was hugged up against a man Mama Adeoba recognized…Dapo; his name was.

Yemisi held onto Dapo as though he was a straw and she was drowning. It took all her resolve not to burst into tears – as it was she took several shuddering breaths while Dapo laughed and nuzzled her neck.

“Easy o, babe. You never see,” he joked, gently rubbing her back with one hand, holding her against him with the other.

Yemisi took another deep breath – and laughed. “Dapo, you’re crazy.” She eased back and looked into his eyes. “Thank you…I feel like…”

“Em…please. It haff do. Okay? Check the other design. I would have brought them for your approval – but there wasn’t enough time and I figured it would be nice if you could hand some of them out today.”

He backed away – but not before Yemisi saw the wistful look that appeared on his face. “What is it?” she asked, sensitive to the slightest shift in his mood.

He looked at her then looked away – towards the roof of the house over which the morning sun was just peeking. “You don’t think I’m a control freak do you?”

She walked up to him and took his hand. “No I don’t. And if this makes you a control freak – well I like it, but no I don’t think you are.” She swung her hand playfully – and in effect his. “Why do you ask?”

“It was – ah,” he threw his other hand up in frustration. “It was one of the things that constantly came up between Mope and me. She said I never asked for her opinion – she said I didn’t need her and therefore took her for granted.”

Yemisi pressed the hand she was holding. “You want to know what I think?”

At his nod she continued. “Both of you didn’t spend time to really get to know each other – I don’t think your feelings for each other grew organically. I think she never really got to know you for you – and therefore she felt threatened by some things you did she did not understand.”

“But the thing is – she still did not mind. She put up with them even when she did not like it. Even when she did not have to. And what did I do?”

He rubbed his head vigorously. “That’s not why I’m here anyway. How are the preparations going?”

Yemisi stood on tiptoes and slowly rubbed her lips across his before she kissed him firmly, not caring that her mother was watching.

When they came apart she averted her face shyly. “I have something for you too,” she said softly.

His silence compelled her to sneak a look at him from underneath her lashes – and she thought her heart was going to burst. He looked like a child who had been let lose in a supermarket and told to pick all the sweets he could have.

“Something? For me?” he asked in puzzled innocence, as though the idea of a woman buying something for him was absurd.

She smiled and took his hand. “Come on.”




Yemisi was beside herself with excitement as she carried the black bag from her room to where Dapo was sitting. “This is it,” she said and smiled. “I really hope you like it.”

She stood back nervously as he opened the bag – and beamed as he smiled, slowly bringing out a buba and sokoto wrapped in see-through nylon. It was made of dry lace, blue and beautifully embroidered.

He ran his fingers along the part of the nylon that covered the embroidery – and somehow the sight of that brought dryness to her throat. She cleared it before speaking. “That’s not all.”

Dapo couldn’t hide his surprise. “What?” He ejaculated.

She pointed eagerly towards the bag and he set the parcel he was carrying down before opening the bag. There was a pair of loafers, a wristwatch and two perfume boxes.

They looked quite expensive to Dapo seasoned eyes.

Yemisi lowered her eyes shyly as he stood to his full height and walked up to her. He placed a gentle forefinger underneath her chin and raised her head up.

“How did you know my sizes?”

She chuckled in relief and caressed her hand with his. “Should you be asking me that?”

He scratched his head with his other hand. “Well – I’m just…” he stopped. “I’d like to know,” he finished.

“That’s a simple thing – being your girlfriend and all,” she laughed and let go of his hand as her phone started ringing. She looked at the screen; Toke.

“Excuse me,” she said to Dapo as she took the call. “How is it going?” was the first thing she said.

Her friend and recent partner; Toke laughed. “Calm down, oga madam. Everything is under control. The drink boys are setting up now – the drinks are already chilled. We’re done with decorating too!” Toke exhaled. “The only thing left is the food – and I’m sure you’re almost done with that.”

Yemisi’s beamed happily. “You’re a darling! Whatever will I do without you?”

“Nothing? Sha carry that your flat behind and get here!”

Their laughter was loud. “I dey come jo,” Yemisi answered and hung up.

She took Dapo’s hand and quickly talked him through the updates, heart filling with some emotion she was not sure she wanted to name as she watched his face. He waited till she had finished, and then hugged her gently.

“I’m so proud of you,” he whispered softly.

She giggled shyly. “Thank you – so so much.”

He stood up. “Let me go get ready – my cousin’s also coming so…” he let the words trail.

Yemisi smiled. “Finally – I get to meet this mythical cousin of yours.”

He kissed her cheek. “Later, babe. Thank you.”

She watched as he carried the bag and stepped out.




One hour into the reception and Yemisi did not know if she was coming or going.

Fortunately, Toke had started most of the girls serving and coordinating the guests before she got there – but even then there were quite a lot of people. At some point she started to wonder if the three hundred guests she had been told to prepare for where all that came – in fact, she almost started to think the whole of Lagos was at the reception.

By the time the couple was coming in, she was almost out of her mind.

But after a bit things started to even out – and by the time the long and winding talk by the chairman was over, all the guests were eating. Only then did she begin looking for her boyfriend.
She was pleasantly shocked to see him wearing a suit; and in a repetition of her actions that morning, she stood for a while, absorbing the sight of him. He had a wine glass in his left hand and was laughing hard with some similar-dressed guys – her eyes went back to a gleam she’d passed over on his wrist, and it made her heart swell to find it was the wristwatch she’d bought him.

Self-conscious, she walked towards the laughing group, small butterflies flapping in her tummy. A random thought about her phone flashed into her mind – before the same mind reminded her it was with Toke. She smiled at herself and continued walking.

She was almost in their midst before Dapo noticed her, and he stood up immediately and reached for her hand. She smiled proudly, looking up at him. He kissed the corner of her mouth softly before turning to his friends.

“Guys I’d like you to meet my girlfriend, Yemisi. Yemisi, these are my colleagues – the very crazy guys I work with.”

There was genuine warmth in the way they greeted her – even the females.

All of them except one.

A buxom woman who looked familiar turned up her nose and faced Dapo. “Isn’t she the one you said was your cousin sometime ago?”

Yemisi flinched – and then almost laughed as she recognized Grace; the orobo from Dapo’s office. A retort came to her mouth – and then Dapo spoke.

“It’s not illegal to date your cousin yet is it, mama Grace? Besides, ‘cousin’ is relative.”

“As in – relative!” Kazeem spoke from the back, igniting laughter. Grace turned away, her face a study in shame.

As Dapo, with a gentle hand on the small of her back, showed her towards a seat, Yemisi heard him say, “and here’s my little cousin, Remilekun. I’m not dating him sha!”

Yemisi turned amidst laughter, looking for the cousin she had almost begun thinking did not exist – and her brain actually froze when she found her target.

He looked like an interesting cross between Idris Elba and Denzel Washington with a bit of Nas thrown in.

His looks were arresting, but this time it was because she had seen them before.

Dapo’s cousin, Remi couldn’t mask the surprise that appeared on his face. “Yemisi?”

She couldn’t have closed her mouth if she tried. “Re…Remi?” she was finally able to ejaculate after the third attempt.

Dapo looked from one to the other. “You guys know each other?”


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Saving Dapo #10 by @Seunodukoya

“I’m pregnant.”
Dapo sounded bored. “Really? And how did that happen – by diffusion or osmosis?”
Yemisi’s chest rose and fell in time with her sigh. “You could have at least played along and said ‘congratulations! Who’s the father?’
“Em…why would I ask that, knowing well I’m your guy? Na dat kain question dey cause wahala jare.”
“You’re too serious jo! Lighten up o, and besides I’m quite the bad girl o.”
She liked the sound of his laughter. “Trust me, there are easier ways to prove you’re a bad girl than getting pregnant for someone else,” he said.
She also liked the small shiver that ran down her back at his words. “Like?” she asked.
“Like you don’t know.” There was some static and then his voice came back clearer. “You’re a beautiful woman, Yemisi Adeoba.”
“You’re not too shabby yourself, Oladapo Ojo,” Yemisi answered, grinning happily. “I still don’t know how to say ‘thank you’ for the wedding gig.”
“Some more of those your kisses would do just fine,” Dapo responded.
Yemisi winced as she unconsciously pulled several strands of her hair along with the hairclip she’d just removed. “You know you don’t have to ask too hard.”
Network is just so clear tonight.
There was a slapping sound from Dapo’s end of the conversation. “What’s that, baby?” Yemisi asked.
“Mosquitoes. Giant humongous ones.” As though to affirm what he was saying, the sound came again.
Yemisi clapped a hand over her mouth to hold down the laughter threatening to burst lose.
“You can laugh – it’s okay,” He definitely had a smile on his face. “Still trying to figure out how they got in.”
After things were a bit quiet, Dapo asked, “So how’s things at work?”
“They’re okay love,” She stopped and looked at her toenails. They winked a deep purple and she smiled. “I’m getting a bit tired of it sha – especially one annoying loudmouth colleague of mine.”
“You know what to do sha,” He suddenly sounded down.
“What is it?”
There was a long pause. “Nothing. I just remembered something – “
“Nothing – something. If it’s enough to affect your voice while you’re talking with me, it’s something enough to matter. Oya tell me.”
“Dating 101: never discuss the ex with the new girl. It’s something to do with Mope…”
“Last week was her wedding,” Yemisi finished for him. “Oh Dapo, of course that’s something. I don’t expect you to just forget her like that now.”
“I have no business thinking about her. That’s that.” He stopped.
“Okay,” Yemisi began. “How do you feel about Robocop?”
Well, I’d like to see it – if that’s what you’re asking.”
She smiled. “I have two tickets – Friday, 6:40 pm.”

“It’s a date.”

“Goodnight, Dapo.”



“The client asked for a revert on the campaign which we shared last year before we left,” Yemisi hated the way she was sounding defensive. “I wonder what’s going on in there.”
“When did you share this revert?” the CEO asked.
“Thursday 20th.”
“I didn’t get any mails to that effect o,” the CEO’s fingers danced on the screen of his iPad. “Yes…yes…no,” he said, fingers punching – and then turned to Yemisi. “I didn’t see any mail to that effect,” he repeated.
“I got a mail,” Adura raised her hand. “She copied me and the creative team.”
The CEO looked over to where the creative team looked like clothes draped over the backs of chairs. One by one, they nodded.
“But you’re supposed to share with me,” he remarked as he turned back to Yemisi, his voice noticeably softer and kinder. “If you had, I would have known what to tell that rude Indian.”
She mentally exhaled. The worst was over.
“I’m sorry sir. I guess I was distracted the last few days of work…”
“It’s not work jo,” Fred interrupted. “She suddenly found herself a boyfriend, though why any guy in his right mind would –“
All the pent up fear and frustration came out of Yemisi by way of a calm remark; “If you have nothing sensible to say, shut your mouth or I’ll come over there and make sure you don’t open it again – ever.”
Fred looked as if he had suddenly found out the shy neighborhood Bingo had grown teeth and could bite.
Amidst loud laughter the CEO who had a smile on his face raised his hand.
“That’s okay. Adura, you’ll be coming with me to speak with these guys. I think it’s time we’re clear on what we’re doing with them. That will be all.”



“About time you served that Fred some of his own medicine,” Adura whispered once they were out of the conference room.
Yemisi nodded, adrenaline surge still pulsing through her body. Would I actually have gone over to make good on my threat?
“But would you really have gone over there? You wouldn’t have, would you?”
Smiling at the other girl, Yemisi responded, “Honestly, I don’t know.” She paused. “And I don’t think I want to find out.”
Richard, a graphic artist touched Yemisi’s shoulder and snatched his hand away. Blowing on his fingers, he retreated towards his seat, grinning.
“Smoking hot! O gbona feli feli,” he muttered.
Both women laughed.




“Yemisi,” Felicia spoke two octaves higher than normal. “There’s…there’s a Remi here to see you.”
“Where’s he –“ Yemisi started and sighed as the click of a disconnected intercom sounded.
Pushing back her chair, she stood up and turned, almost bumping into Fred. He seemed to shrink.
She patted his shoulder, smiled briefly and continued towards the lobby.
Who is this Remi…Remi? It sounded familiar, like the name of a movie she’d only seen once but liked a lot. I’ll find out in about ten seconds, she told herself as she pushed through the double doors that led into the lobby.
And stopped.
A deep red flush covered Yemisi’s face and her ears started tingling, a strange reaction going by the commonplace picture that met her eyes.
A tall guy, average build was standing in front of Felicia’s desk, smiling in amusement at Felicia who looked as though she was staring at Tuface. Or Banky W. Or Iyanya.
But it was really the guy who held her attention.
He noticed her and straightened, his smile taking on depth. For some reason it pleased her to see him smile that way, and she mentally chided herself.
Of course she knew him. It was the guy from Tantalizers.
“How did you find me?” she asked.
“I er…I followed you that day. Just as far as the entrance though.” He chuckled. “I didn’t want to freak you out.”
“And why were you following me – why would you want to know where I work?”
Remi looked at Yemisi as though she had grown a beard. “You cannot seriously be asking me that. Why else would a guy be following a girl?”
He interrupted as she was about to speak. “And don’t talk about Twitter.”
After they both stopped laughing, Yemisi answered as she touched his arm lightly. “Well Romeo, I have a – I’m in a serious relationship.”
She almost winced at the 350 watt smile Remi was emitting. A smile like that cannot be natural. It cannot!
“I would be so disappointed if you said you were single. It cannot be that easy now, can it?”
“But I’m serious,” Yemisi said. “I am in a committed relationship and I’d rather not have any distractions.” She folded her arms and frowned at him. “Where have you been since – what if I didn’t remember you?”
“I travelled for about a month – but I didn’t forget you. I thought it was one of things that eventually goes away – you know, boy meets girl for a moment and puff,” he snapped his fingers. “It’s done.
“But I was wrong. I couldn’t forget you so I decided to come find you. I got back last night. And as for forgetting me – I’d have helped you remember.”
He lifted the box he was carrying. “Won’t you take this? It’s just sweets o, nothing diabolical.”
She shook her head. “Too early, but thank you. Maybe next time…”
“Oh. So there’s going to be a next time!”
She smiled in that woman’s sweetly secretive way and stood up. “Sure, if you want. You can always come looking for me here – whenever you’re around.”
Remi grinned. “Can I at least get a – “ Yemisi’s head-shaking stopped him mid-sentence.
“No calls. Not yet anyways. Do come again,” she said and walked into her office, smiling over her shoulder.
“Okay!” Remi yelled after her.






She was dialing Dapo’s number for the second time in three minutes when the quiet ‘PING’ of a text message interrupted the ringing in her ear. After listening for a while and her boyfriend still did not pick, she looked at the phone screen.
It was an alert from her bank.
Heart quickening, she opened the message and saw three and a half million naira had been deposited into her account by one Chidi Ighweh.
Three and a half million naira. She stopped breathing for a moment.
Even her heart seemed to stop beating.



Oh Dapo, she screamed mentally, Friday’s on me.



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Saving Dapo #9 by @Seunodukoya

I could lie here forever; Dapo thought.
The rush of the waves sounded like Lagbaja’s saxophone, running soothing fingers along the nerve endings inside his head. Softly blending lights, stars blinking like diamonds laid in blue velvet – pink lips softening in a smile all lined his vision.
Which was strange, considering his eyes were closed.
Some of the diamonds in his imagination – cold and hard, began to trickle down his back and his eyes flew open. His clutching right hand closed on air as Yemisi danced away – and then he jumped up and began a dance of his own as wet sand she poured on his back entered his shorts.
“What is wrong with you!” he yelled, jumping up and down, shaking his shorts violently while other folk paused in their merrymaking and looked at the alien amongst them.
After dancing all variations of etighi, azonto and creating some new ones, he looked around, freezing when he finally found his girlfriend.



Those are boobs, my friend. BOOBS. When was the last time you really looked at those?
Dapo posed as if he was thinking deeply. “Whoa. That’s such a cheap below-the-belt blow,” he complained.
Think about it.
”I am thinking!” His shoulders drooped. “It has been a while.”
His heart pounded as he looked at his girlfriend of five weeks for the first time; really looked at her as a woman not as a friend or sister, as he liked to tell himself. What he saw was a woman; a very beautiful one at that.
Her skin…well, it wasn’t particularly blemish-free or stained, but he did not mind. She wore it well – she gleamed.
Her boobs were like oranges – small oranges; barely making bumps in the loose t-shirt she was wearing. He didn’t care. They were exquisite. Her legs –
He always knew how fabulous her legs were but looking at them now, laid bare by bum shorts, he thought they looked like well made barbeque turkey.
He liked barbeque turkey.
And her hips…
You better get over yourself and this ridiculous I-feel-like-I’m-dating-my-sister bullshit syndrome in your head and take what’s being offered. It won’t always be there, you know.


“And that IS the wahala.”
“Are you okay?” Yemisi crept closer, caution in her steps despite the concern in her voice. Dapo said nothing, allowing his whole demeanor speak defeat. Yemisi forgot herself and hurried towards him.
“What is…” Her sentence was punctuated by a shriek as Dapo burst into motion, charging towards her as she turned and ran as though her life depended on it. She was on automatic; Dapo marveled as she went from zero to one eighty in seconds.
“I’m going to catch you!” he yelled, laughing loudly as he accelerated. He felt good, tearing through the cold night air and beach-partying people in pursuit. Yemisi’s shrieking laughter sounded closer than before, and he ran even harder. He caught a glimpse of pink lips, white teeth as she looked over her shoulder – and then she dropped below his sight as she missed her footing. Dapo closed his eyes and executed a dive Sarsaparilla would have envied, catching her midriff and rolling over to end up on top.
Her laughter washed over him in waves of beautiful calm, and he opened his eyes, expecting to look into her shiny ones.
Imagine his surprise when it remained pitch black.
He nodded this way and that, checked by soft yet firm lumps of flesh on either side of his head. He stopped moving as he realized the only thing ‘soft yet firm lumps of flesh’ around where they were could be.
Yemisi’s loud laughter confirmed his thoughts and he looked up, his lips a few inches from hers.
How do you kiss your sister?
Idiot. Try ‘how do you kiss your girlfriend’ and whether you like it or not…
“Yeah. I get.” He mumbled and slid upwards till he was eye to eye with Yemisi. Her laughter faded out in time with the Mariah Carey playing in the background; in time with the clashing waves and incoming tide, in time with the dancing and laughing couples till all that remained were her eyes and lips; eyes glued nervously to Dapo’s hungry ones and lips that kept opening to allow a pink appendage dart out at intervals.
He focused on that and followed it through.
It’s so easy to forget what’s it’s like to be caught in a passionate embrace with someone you care about. Frighteningly easy to forget what a passionate kiss feels like.
It wasn’t ‘shocking’ or ‘electrifying’ or anything like that, it just felt as though his tongue had a million nerve endings and someone had dumped a five-flavor ice cream on it. Various sensations and tastes scrambled for expression in his head; anymore and his brain would short-circuit.
Dapo winced involuntarily as Yemisi’s teeth tightened around his tongue in reaction to the cold tide that suddenly drenched them both, leaving them spluttering and gasping.
He wiped his forehead clean of water and sand, and then finally opened his eyes.
Opened them – and couldn’t close them anymore even if he wanted to.
And he did not want to.
For a second, Dapo doubted the girl in front of him was the same as his friend Yemisi. It wasn’t as though she morphed or anything.
She just did not look like Yemisi.
Her hands were in her hair attempting to wring it dry. Only somehow the pose made her look like Beyonce on stage in front of salivating men. The wet t-shirt she had on was wet and therefore molded itself to every available curve on the surface of her upper body. There was a lot of ‘curve’ and so Dapo’s throat began to bench press eagerly. Her bra –
Something was pulling his eyes, but it wasn’t till he looked down he realized what it was. Her bellybutton was a dimple that accentuated rather than flawed the smooth landscape the wet t-shirt had exposed. There was a bulge where her tummy was – but he really did not care.
A frilly blue something whose color matched something else higher up peeked over the edge of her shorts, subtly waving. He couldn’t seem to decide whether to keep leading with his eyes or to follow them with his hands. Something long-forgotten stirred to life and slowing fanned itself into a raging fire.
“Something you like, boyfie?”
He tried to speak but only a croak came out. He tried again.
“Words fail me, so I think I should revert to that age-old but evergreen and ever-true cliché – ‘action speaks louder than words’.
His eyes narrowed as Yemisi lay back on the wet sand with as much poise as she would lie on a divan. Keeping her eyes locked with his, she spoke;
“Then act.”






“Why aren’t you eating?”
Dapo looked from his knees. Yemisi was seated at his elbow, chewing on KFC chicken as though her teeth had been replaced with glass. He smiled.
“I’m probably having too much fun looking at you,” he answered. His left hand rose in a lazy arc that ended on her head and got lost in her hair.
“Don’t do that o, you know what they say about a woman’s hair.”
Dapo’s hand stilled but remained where it was. “And what do they say about that?”
She shook his hand off and continued eating. “Are you a learner?”
The extended silence drew her attention from the chicken she was holding to her boyfriend. Dapo sat still, head cocked in the direction of dunes in the distance. She wanted to ask what he was thinking – but she did not want to interrupt what might be a profound moment for him.
She reached for the hand nearest her – his left hand and held it.
He squeezed back gently and then began to talk.



“You know my dad’s sick, right?”
Yemisi was silent, her heart lurching with fear as Dapo continued to speak. “You don’t have to answer that. How would you know? It’s not like you’re psychic or anything.”
She liked the warmth from his hand whenever he pressed hers like he was doing just then.
“He’s sick. Diabetes. And it looks like…” his shoulders slumped. “My mum has been asking me to come home but I really don’t care. I don’t want to see him.”
Yemisi returned the gentle pressure of his hands but remained silent. It wasn’t the time to start sermonizing.
“She misses me, you know. She called me yesterday and was crying. Mosun’s not back from Spain yet but Peju has been with mum since.” He paused for a moment. “You remember Peju, right?”
“Your elder sister? You guys are cool now, abi?”
He shrugged. “Makes no difference to me either way. We just happen to be born of the same mother – we don’t have to get along.”
Yemisi had to ask. “And Mosun?”
She felt her heart soften like Eclairs that had stayed too long in a conductor’s pocket as he smiled. It did something to his face, something that made him look like he was fifteen years old again.
“She’s great. I suspect she’s found herself a moustache twirling Zorro wannabe,” his fingers plucked at an imaginary moustache as he turned his nose in the air. He had to reach out to stop himself from falling as Yemisi punched his shoulder.
“I guess you guys get on so well because you’re the last two.”
“How does it feel to be the last?” Dapo asked Yemisi, shifting wet hair away from her face. “Lonely?”
“No o. Just overworked and over disciplined. Everyone was too concerned that I would end up spoilt so they paid too much attention to disciplining me. Sore buttocks and tear-drenched pillows describe most of my nights growing up – but it’s okay. I forgave them a while ago.”
Dapo’s face closed as though a shutter was lowered over it. “Well I’m happy for you.”
The shrill ring of his phone interrupted the conversation. Yemisi reached into her bag and handed him the guilty phone – the Samsung Galaxy.
“Hello?” he answered, the question in his response telling Yemisi he did not know the caller.
“It’s me jo, baby cousin.”
Dapo flared up. “This your baby cousin greeting is really annoying. I have a name, you know?”
“Easy now, no vex. How far Dapo?”
He felt his muscles loosen and he closed his eyes as Yemisi’s firm hands massaged his shoulders. He exhaled slowly.
“I dey, ‘Lekun. You don enter country?”
“Yes o! I don dey for almost three weeks now. I bin dey Lag, then I enter Ib go greet my people. I suppose show Lagos next week then enter your side.”
“No problem na. Just tell me when you wan come,” Dapo answered, smiling as Yemisi gasped from his quick kiss. “I dey always.”
His cousin’s soft chuckle drifted down the line. “You go text me address na,” he said.
“No wahala. If I no send am tonight just call me tomorrow.”
“Okay now.” There was some silence, and then a click as the line disconnected.
“Just send the text now,” Yemisi said.
Dapo dived on her. “After I kiss you some more,” he said.
Their laughter was loud and happy.


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