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Novocaine Knights #11

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He was beautiful in his sleep. Nude, a pillow between his legs, twitching eyebrows and a heaving chest gave her some distraction for the morning. She stood by the foot of her bed and watched him as she sipped noodle soup from a bowl held by both hands.

Mother’s plans had come to nothing; her spell on both of them, useless. Genesis hadn’t seen the faces of her rapists while she was intimate with Dominic but she hadn’t seen his face either. In fact, the entire experience could be described as mildly agreeable and for that, she owed her best friend, Nancy, a huge one.

Nancy was Mother’s rogue daughter and had nothing in common with her. She was dark-complexioned, overweight, crass and loud. She ran a hotel where she pimped out all the girls Mother no longer needed. Mother loathed her and the feeling was mutual on her side but this didn’t stop Genesis from keeping her bond with Nancy. She was always the first person she turned to whenever she needed a shoulder to lean on.

Two days after her rape ordeal, she had visited Nancy in her hotel and as they both sat to have their nails done, she narrated all that befell her in the hands of Mother and the rapists. Nancy was peeved.

“But I warned you about her, didn’t I? I told you the beast in her will soon come out, Jene! It is her MO! She has a sick fetish of seeing people being raped. I told you! But you didn’t listen! Now, look at you!”

Nancy dismissed the ladies attending to them and left alone with Genesis, she cussed Mother in every tongue she knew. Genesis was bereft of tears and so she sat silently until Nancy expended herself. It took a long time but Nancy ended in a low note and turned concerned eyes on Genesis.

“I’m so sorry, love.”


“Did they use protection?”

“Yeah… Look, I didn’t come here for all that one, Nance. I’m here because I need to get over what happened. I need to be with this guy.”

“The Ditorusin person?”

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Novocaine Knights #7

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She looked so frail. It was difficult not to reach out and hold her. The color on her face was drained and the shine of her skin now reduced to a desiccated, pallid pigment. And her hair… they had shaved it on one side, right where they drilled a hole into her skull.

She was very protective of that hair. It was one of the few feminine things about her and she nurtured it as much as she played around with it. He remembered her as a little eight year old girl, dedicating a lot of her after-shower moments in front of her mirror, combing the long, radiant tresses and comparing it to her grandmother’s. At that time he had predicted she would turn out coddled and vain like her mother.

How wrong he had been. He had been off about so many other things regarding her too. It would take years off both their lives for him to realize his mistakes. And a little extra time for him to make attempts at covering up the holes he left in their relationship as father and daughter. But everything he did failed and ultimately his efforts pushed her farther away.

There were things he knew he should have done differently, decisions he should have left exclusively to her discretion. Now he was at the point where he wished he could take a whole lot back. All he wanted was another chance but he feared that he might have missed it already, for there she lay like one dead, just as her sister did five years ago.

There were all these tubes connected into her. A bloody, beeping EEG that just wouldn’t shut up. And student doctors that stood by, talking in low tones and taking down notes in their little pocketbooks as the senior surgeon checked on her vitals.

The scene was all too familiar. And he was terrified to death.


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Novocaine Knights #4


Not today.

Wura groaned and fought hard from stomping her foot in agitation. She was having a bad day already. First, she had had another of her nightmares. Second, Mahmud was yet to call her; it was a week since they last spoke and she had called twice and gotten an engaged line. Third, she was late for church. Fourth, an unsightly zit had popped up above her upper lip. Fifth, her skirt was a little too tight and she didn’t have a replacement. And sixth, her period appeared from the blue, which would explain the fourth and fifth.

Jesus, why me?

She groaned and took off her stained underwear. She flung it in a bucket in her bathroom and hurried out to the sitting room, a towel around her body. Checking to see that Kasi was nowhere in sight, she called out, “sanitary pad, anyone! Two preferably!”

Genesis looked up from where she was seated at the dining area. She was sucking on a lollipop and clipping her toenails. “Tampon?”

“Anything. Even a rag will do.”

Genesis got up and walked to her bedroom.

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Hadassah’s Lingerie/ Novocaine Knights Valentine’s Giveaway

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Hi Ladies and Lovers of ladies!

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