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Now, enjoy this short Christmas Eve story.

First Published on The Naked Convos as Army of One

There is nothing special about the night. Not even with Christmas in the air. The darkness is pregnant with all sorts of vermin and I stand by idly, watching as they swarm towards the open football field, drawn by the music of the piper, some hungry-looking DJ with a cone head.

Leaning on an electric pole I observe the scene with no real interest. My mind is flooded with many worries. I’m a man tired of life.

My fingers dip in my pocket and caress a lone two hundred naira note. It is all I have in this world in the way of savings. Yet I can’t spend it. I stop caressing the note and decide to push my hunger a few hours more. Tomorrow is Christmas. A neighbor is bound to extend kindness to me.

I sigh in frustration. I’ve been here in this slum for seven months, alone and struggling. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be. Graduate that I am, I planned my life well but I’ve been screwed over. The streets are mean. Maybe if I had just listened to my brothers that night and not walked out on them…

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First of all, No Heart Feelings did not really end. Nope. I ended it. And I will tell you how to get the conclusion in a few minutes.

Second…Fish Brain Vows. It’s coming out during Valentine’s. If you have not read the first parts (Fish Brain Clan and Fish Brain Games) download it HERE.

I want to thank all of you who have downloaded so far. I get all the alerts on my phone and I see all your names. Thank you. I have been informed that some of you have issues with the app. Please bear with me; I have forwarded your complaints to the publishers and they have been working on it since 7am. Hopefully, it would be resolved and upgraded and you can download the book. Now, also, I understand that some of you don’t want to download the YSHGHubs app and that’s okay. I also asked them the same question when they first told me I had to download it. But permit me, if you would, to explain a few things and make a case for myself.

YSGHubs is doing a great job. No, I’m not working for them. I’m not famzing sef. I’m just a writer and I want to get my work out there without having to struggle with piracy, which I know, cannot be successfully overcome. But the fact is that I am trying and YSGHubs is trying as well.

In Nigeria today, there is no known publishing house that has the ebook option for self-publishing writers. Please if you know one, connect me with them because I took the whole of a year searching and came up with nothing. When I decided to go with YSGHubs I put a lot into consideration and got acquainted with the risks involved. I knew that the greatest issues I would have would be people not wanting to download the app, yet I decided to carry on. Abi is not better than sitting down and saying I have no option? Or is it not better than just putting it for free download on my blog and have everyone copy and pirate it? My aim is not just to have my work out there but to create a system for other writers who want to make a living selling their books electronically. I could have easily sold this book but I’m using it to test the waters, to know how well the app works and to see if people are keen on downloading.

That’s me for you – not afraid to take the first step. I desire to see more writers make a living by writing. Sometimes, people who read for free on blogs have no idea that writing is a full time job that takes time, resources, energy, and it drains brain matter. It is one of the most difficult jobs to do out there and it is sad that in Nigeria the writing culture is trying to die before it even takes root.

I am all for the future of publishing in Nigeria whether on paperback or electronically. I believe that writers should look for ways to get their work out there and that is why I’m working with a few people to see that it happens. But all of this would come to nothing if you, the readers do not support our efforts. I know good writers who have dropped their pens because there is no gain whatsoever in the work. It’s easy to tell them they should be patient and work harder but mehn, we are in tough times and we have to be realistic. The pay, if any, is shit.

For so many of you who come here to read, you have no idea how many times I have felt like not continuing for the reason that I have not made any gain after putting my last stab into my writing. Sometimes I feel like it’s a waste of my time and I should go back to my old job but how will we forge on in literature in Nigeria if everyone works away and no one finds a solution to the problem? Will the literary world also die like everything else that is dying in the country?

It is little steps I take today. Little steps we writers are taking. We need all your support. I cannot overemphasize that. Please, read, comment on, share, download and buy our works. If you have enjoyed reading from me here, please download my book. It is free. You’re not paying a dime. Make my Christmas memorable as I do the same to yours.

Merry Christmas, by the way.

So, I’m done with my appeal. Back to No Heart Feelings. It comes out same time as Fish Brain Vows and it’s free. Despair not, Valentine’s is just around the corner. Until then, I will continue with The Immortals’ Code and a new series Novocain Knights. But that’s after Christmas o. Abeg, me sef wan rest. When all the celebration is over and the world is dull and quiet and you’re bored, I’ll be making your weekends exciting again.

And lastly, if you’re having any issues downloading Fish Brain Clan, please say so in the comment section. For Apple and Windows phones users, I am so sorry it’s not available for you guys yet but hopefully by January, it will be. All bugs with the downloads are being worked on now and will be fixed forthwith. I am still looking for ways to have the book out there so that you can have other options.

Again, compliments of the season.

Thank you for sparing me your time here. I’ll be posting something shortly. Let me take a nap first.

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Fish Brain Clan Ebook

Fish Brain Clan

I am glad to announce that the long awaited Fish Brain Clan ebook is out. Yayy!

So many of you have not read it on my blog because the posts have been passworded for almost a year but here’s the better news: It is absolutely free!

All you have to do is click HERE or on the image above and it takes you to the download page. If you have a BB, an android phone or you’re using your laptop, you can download the app on the site.

For security purposes and to curb piracy, this book is only available in PDF format. With time, I will find other options to make the book available in other formats.

Thank you!


THR33WAY IS NO FR33WAY #6 BY @shaiontheprowl



Over the coming months, he missed Daphne’s birthday and that hurt. It was something he and Oz had planned for months. They had decided on all her guests from school, the neighborhood and the church. They talked about it almost every day and kept updating the plans. But, when the day came Oz and Daphne were gone and he spent it wondering where they were and how his baby princess was spending her birthday. He had no clue where they were. None of her family members told him anything. They however told him that she was safe and that it was better to let her sort things out by herself.

He didn’t understand what that meant. He didn’t know or understand anything anymore. His wife and daughter were gone….Olamide and his baby were also gone. He was an anchor-less ship in the middle of a raging storm. He was distraught and went through life and his activities like a robot.

The two women he really cared about, and whom he had indelibly hurt had forsaken him. They had ostracized him – he could understand Olamide’s hurt. But, he couldn’t find the angle in Oz’s actions. She set this all up in the first place and skipped when the heat got cranked up a notch. It was not fair. They were both not fair on him. He was a man and men cannot keep themselves away from women. Not for long anyway, especially from a beautiful and classy woman. It was a lost battle from the start when pitched against such a woman.

At first he reckoned that if he threw himself at his businesses, the pain in his heart would go away and he would heal quickly. And for a while, it did. The business project in Brazil came on fine and in the first four months of rolling out operations, the money was pouring in. He traveled out there often to keep an eye on things.

It was running well.

But, the ache in his heart was bigger than everything else and it soon engulfed him.  He was tormented at night by visions of Oz and Olamide. He found sleep difficult and an ordeal, he always woke up from a nightmare – all ending with Oz in a coffin.

He turned to God. He prayed and devoted more time to his bible. He prayed to see his family again. He also prayed to see Olamide again – if not for anything, for a proper closure and a chance to let her know he would always love her and the baby. He turned inwardly, and soon lost touch with many of his old friends.

He even stopped going over to the club.

As for his own family, they steered clear of him. His parents couldn’t come anyway, as they were far away in Austria. Since the day his brother had tried to suggest he forget about Oz and get himself another girl, none of them came close or to visit. On that occasion, he had punched him like he was an enemy, bloodying his mouth and telling him never to set foot in his house again. He shouldn’t have reacted like that to his brother, he didn’t know the full story. But he was a like a champagne bottle whose cork flew off uncontrollably as the pressure from within the bottle came bubbling up. His rage had taken the better of him. He needed an outlet to vent his anger and his brother had come right across his cross-hairs. He tried to make amends but he sensed it all didn’t go away.

After that they all left him alone. They spoke over the phone once or twice a week – his parents and his brother, and that was that.

He preferred his own theory that Oz left him over a domestic argument, but he didn’t know the full picture of the kind – he couldn’t think of anything before Olamide that could have led her to behave the way she had. The letter she left could be a decoy to throw him off. He couldn’t, didn’t want to believe, that what was hinted in the letter was true. No, it can’t be.

In the end, there was nothing left for him to do but to continue praying to his God for all the mess to be cleared up soon and for his businesses to continue to thrive.

But, things began to get skewed when the Brazilian government was toppled by a popular mass revolution. The world economic depression was beginning to bite and the situation in Brazil, a country corrupt to its bone marrow, even more so than Nigeria, became heated. The citizenry were angered at the indecent display of wealth by the nouveau riche amidst much poverty in the larger population. The subsequent unrest led to several weeks of chaos. His tourism corridor suffered and the squeeze began to hit him. When the government was eventually toppled, the new government proscribed everything and brought it under national control. Socialism was back in Brazil.

His multi-million dollar money pipe-line in Brazil was shut down, as all privately owned businesses were placed under government control by the new edict.

That was in Brazil, back home the bank still needed to be paid. Good thing he had not touched the profits that had poured in the first six months of his operations. They were all in the bank. So, by his quick calculation, he still owed the bank about forty percent of the total loan he took out. If he moved some of his funds from elsewhere into his account he should be fine with the bank. But, that would leave a huge hole in the finances of his other businesses. He had to find a way to plug that hole.

He needed something big to happen soon. His dream in Brazil had become a nightmare, and there was no shoulder to cry on. He was all alone to face the world and its worries.


 I consider myself more of a poetry craftsman. Only started writing prose seriously in July. 2012. I also like to think I am a very friendly person- weird to some people.

However, weird only means I am unique and that makes me happy whenever I hear it. You can follow my works on or via twitter @shaiontheprowl.