It’s Not Another Saturday…

Hi everyone,

I’m so sorry, there’s no new episode today. This week was one of those really busy weeks. So busy in fact, I can’t account for how I fell asleep on most nights. I have the episode already written but I haven’t edited it. So, hopefully it will come sometime this week and maybe a bonus.

I was also to introduce a new writer but even that one was another uphill task. Please pardon me. This week I’ll do better.

Boys With Toys comes out in October. Fish Brain Madhouse follows in December.

For those of you asking for access to, I repeat, that page does not exist anymore.

If you want to read something interesting this evening, I recommend Playing The Game by Olajumoke Omisore and Abby’s Diary by Fiksionist. And if you like erotica, then read Honorable Secretary by @maskuraid.

Finally, a lot of people complained about The Immortals’ Code, telling me they liked the first version I put out which I took off the blog (I should have listened to my husband). See the thing is that the story is very long and amazingly, I have completed it (although it remains unedited) but I have this thing where I secondguess myself all the time, and that’s why I’ve been thinking the story sucks. I actually get surprised when people tell me they like it.

Another reason I withdrew it is because it is one story, that although complete, draws my life blood when I work on it. For those of you who have read it, you’ll know it’s something I take out my time to write, so it demands so much out of me. But because many of you are asking for it and some of you haven’t read it yet, I will resume. Gratefully, I have episodes already written, so no stress for me with it.

Hence, I’ll put up the very first episode (not the altered version) the original one, today. For those of you who haven’t read it, well, enjoy. You’ll love it. I promise you. After today, it will be posted every Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend!



28 thoughts on “It’s Not Another Saturday…”

  1. Jt when hav been refreshing dis page! No problem Sally! Will b expecting. Love ur works n may God bless u more. Pls hav a good rest n njoy d rest of d weekend, Hugs!

  2. Sally, i’m so happy with the sweet news you just gave me about noys with toys and fishbrain madhouse, i so can’t wait for december and october to come. Pele for d stress. .. God bless u. Thank u for d amazing stories.

  3. No problem sally, take the break, u deserve it. U still remain my favourite writer regardless,am happy about the fish brain madhouse nd boys with toys …takia of u ***hugs***

  4. Noooooooooooooooooooo😭😭😭😭😭😭
    We your fans will patiently wait for you while you take your well deserved break.😘😘😘
    I can’t wait for fishbrain madhouse.

  5. You do so well to keep churning out these wonderful stories that it would be inhumane to not understand a missed episode occasionally.
    Good news about Boys With Toys and Fish brain Mad house. I stand by my promise to pick copies when they’re out.
    Well done Sally, you’re daily refreshed and renewed.

  6. been busy all day and boys with toys is what have been keeping me going,,it’s a gift I planned to give myself for working so hard today,,*sad*,looking forward to d next episode plus did bonus

  7. Had a very busy day today. For the joy set me before me (another episode to read as I lay down to sleep). Hope totally dashed *cryinginjapanese*.
    Rest nne, iiris very imporant!
    My hope is activated again for sometime next week and I heard a bonus somewhere in there, so Nsogbu adighi.

  8. You always make my day bright with your stories and I’ve got smiles plastered all over my face just hearing that my people are coming back in the Fish Brain series.

    Thanks for all and may the good Lord be your strength

  9. Sally I wonder where u get the strength to kip up with so many things at d same time, a strong woman u are,and I aprct u. A lot..d way u make us ur reader feel important, I pray God rewards all ur effort..have a nice weekend.

  10. On behalf of the Oliver and Olivia twist,we say,please,give urself d break u need. U deserve it. It’s not easy dear. Love u big.

  11. Very well done Sally, we can’t even complain because your hard work is evident plus you coping with a new baby and all can’t be easy. Please rest as much as you want. We remain loyal.

    Plus I am definitely buying the boys with toys book

  12. AH COME ON! 😦 Damn… Anyway, I understand. But… Damn, still! This is why I hoard Sally episodes, cos I can’t deal with waiting another week. I wish I knew your husband. I could ask him to help a brother out. Open that laptop and give a brother a sneak peak!

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