This Blog to Become Private Soon



It’s been a while here. But I’m still around.

So, in case you have been under a rock when it comes to my writing, I no longer post new stuff  here. All my current stories and the stories of others are on

As for this blog, unfortunately, I am making it private by the end of this month. Only registered users, having been invited by me will view posts here, particularly the continuation of The Immortals’ Code. If you want to read anything else I have written, go to and subscribe

If you want to be read from the private blog, which is this one, then you have to be an active reader on by sharing posts and commenting.

If you want to keep reading from this blog until the end of the month, mark its new name In your browser, where you type in URLs, you’ll see it there.


Thanks for being with me.


75 thoughts on “This Blog to Become Private Soon”

  1. I want to read from this private blog jor…. Besides, I’m anticipating Novocaine knights Sally. You promised us a bonus. Don’t forget ohhhh.

      1. No ooo! U no dey craze. There’s no way I’d be spending hours here if that were the case. Lol. Btw I love the new name. Big ups hon. U always get it right!

  2. Sally naa wa o. I av been an active reader, though been very silent wen it comes τ̅o leaving comments. So ppl like me will not be invited because we avnt been leaving cooments baa. Kontinu, daris God o!

    1. I’m sorry but that’s the rule. I wish there was a way i would give back to people who are openly supportive of me. If there was some manner wordpress shows the people who read my blog by their email addresses, i’m sure your name would have popped up. But there isn’t, so i’m picking from people whose emails have come in at least 10 times via comments.

    1. I haven’t sent emails to anyone yet because i have been working on this for a while, finding the best avenue to use so i don’t stress myself and users alike. At the end of the month when this blog goes private, you’ll be invited.

  3. Sally, you promised to send invitations to your blog na. This is not fair o. There are some of us that are regular readers but don’t always comment. Sally, please don’t punish us for not commenting on your posts na. Please grant us access to the private blog. We’ll change for good.

    1. I’m not punishing anyone, Dayo. I am rewarding people. There are those who have been there for me from day one and it’s my own way of saying thank you. Besides, i don’t want to share all of my work publicly if i’m not getting any profit for it. All it takes to be part of the lounge is 10 comments upwards.

  4. God let me be a partaker of dis goody. aunt sally wat of pple lik me dat send mails nko?
    let me ask am i qualified? plsssss

  5. We love u sally keep up the good work loved your work from day one, U actually made me sign up for twitter remember? Anyways hope i get to keep reading all your work. Take care

    1. Thank you, dear. About Twitter… *scratching head* It was so much work notifying everyone and then i noticed people won’t even bother to check your blog if you didn’t notify them. Plus, i was very busy at work. So that was why i stopped

    1. Thanks, Timayin.
      I have been told about the wordpress issue by a some people but for a huge number, it’s not a problem, So what i usually tell them is that they should use a different browser or close the browser completely and re-open it. None of them have had the problem since. And then i think some of them enter the name of my blog address where it says URL: and then wordpress flags them as intruders and asks them to log in or register.
      But most of the people complaining of not commenting never bring this issue up, so i guess i won’t flag it as a problem.
      Thanks for bringing it up, though

  6. what abt peeps like me.
    these days i choose not to be sn. i want to be like air, not seen but always felt. do i deserve an invite?

    1. You know you’re always welcome here. You were there from the start and I’ll do myself great injustice not to have you here with me after all this time

  7. Hi Sally, I just found this blog recently. Am a first time user. The name moskedalounge has a nice ring to it,great job you are doing putting smiles on peoples’ faces with your creative write ups. I signed up this week,I still don’t get notifications or even the much talked about invites. Anyways,will keep my fingers crossed.

    1. Hi dear,
      I no longer write on this blog. To get my new posts, reread this post again and see where you can find me currently.
      And welcome! *ringing bell for you*

  8. A lounge…sounds nyc. Sally, my immortal’s code.

    Nyc concept, always said that Sally n Moskeda keeps getting better n bigger by the day.

  9. hi ms sally…i am so in love wit ur blog n stories n i realy think d new name has a nice ring to it… i am an ardent and regular reader though i always av problem commenting on ur captivating stories due to bad network around here… i av complained about dat problem to you severally…infact, i av been trying to drop my comment here since moring and i av been having problem with it… determination to comment keeps me trying n trying again n again…pls pls n pls dear sally, dont cut me out… ur stories keep me going…i am a nursing mother dat get bored easily… i av not gotten any notification pls dont count it against me…it is not totaly my fault. keep it locked ma’am.

    1. Sorry about the comment stuff. It’s a wordpress issue and i don’t know why it happens. Coupled with bad network on your side, it could affect your commenting. But now that you have commented, wordpress won’t have any issues stopping your comments next time.
      I have not sent emails to anyone yet. As i stated above, it begins at the end of the month. I will take into consideration the criteria i’ll use to let people in.

  10. Nice one, but as for me I subscribed to this site with my gmail but at a time there was a problem with gmail which u mentioned then I had to use my yahoo mail for the other blog. So consider that too o. Anyway, nice job you’ve been doing. Keep it up.

  11. Nice one, but as for me I subscribed to this site with my gmail but at a time there was a problem with gmail which u mentioned then I had to use my yahoo mail for the other blog. So consider that too o. Anyway, nice job you’ve been doing. Keep it up

  12. Thankgod i was able to comment today ooo…u dont know how happy i am… pls ms sally, if u wanna count 10comments to av access to ur new blog, can i go and comment on all ur stories i can get to if i can get through? pls, i realy realy dont wanna be left out.thanks for keeping smiles on our faces everyday. more greese to ur palm…

      1. *singing* I got an invite, I got an invite.\=D/ Super excited. Now I can cum lounge here anytime I want. Kisses all over ur body Aunt Sally. Gracias.
        May the fountain d storiess generate from forever flow!

  13. Yaaay,thanks sally.#Puppyface#and Yeah I zo totally luff the new name tew,Moskeda Lounge, has a really classy ring to it.

  14. #sadface# h hope i get invited. But like seriously, i want 2 say tnk u Sally, 4 making me learn how 2 comment and appreciate luvly stories

  15. Wait o! I have bin registered here for only God knows how long. Pls dnt cut me off *tears* pls pls pls. Let me be part of the priviledged. Biko :*

  16. am new to your blog,just discovered ur blog few weeks back & i will like to be part of ur private blog,so what do i do? pls i dnt want to be left behind cos ve been having a good time here. thanks.

  17. Pls aunty sally invite me oo I am so sorry if I avnt bren posting comments…but I am sure I av posted 4 to 5 b4 plssss ma invite me 2 ur new blog oo God bless u

  18. Dear Jesus,
    Please allow me to be a part of the great bounty Sally shall be sharing on here..Let me be a partaker of the lounging experience.Thank you sir and thank you Sally.

  19. Thank Aunty Sally for inviting moi…though WordPress refused to allow me use my ‘normal’ name ”Danauta”…some ish about the name being reserved.
    Anyways, am glad to be here.

  20. Ehen… Thanks Sally. Was quite confused in the beginning. I got an invite today and it led me to a June 21 post. lol. By clicking the accept which brought me here, have I accepted it? *height of confusion*

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