Saving Dapo #8 by @seunodukoya

“He does not kiss me,” Yemisi grumbled.

“Have you talked to him about it?” Her sister Toke asked.

“Talked to me about what?”

The sisters turned to see Dapo striding into the house, looking as comfortable as the landlord.

“How do you know this place?” Yemisi avoided his open arms. “I never brought you here.”

Dapo tapped her forehead. “You have me on the brain – which means you drag me along wherever you go.”

Yemisi looked confused. “No, I don’t have you on the brain o. I don’t. What kind of talk is that…” Dapo interrupted her as he spread himself over the sofa. “Your phone’s ringing,” he smirked.

She looked around. “I cannot see it. Where is it?” Yemisi asked, feeling defensive.

“You’re lying on it, silly!”

Yemisi indeed began to feel the phone’s vibrating against her tummy and she looked down, aghast.

Her eyes opened.

“Not that dream again,” she moaned as she took the ringing phone and was about to hurl it away when the name on the screen caught her eye. Dapo.


“Good morning babe. Slept well I trust?”

“Yeah…I did… How are you?”

“I’m fine.” There was a pause, and then “No church today abi?”

Yemisi scratched her head. “There is o. I’m just going to a later service – I overslept.”

“Okay. See, someone is going to call you sometime during the day. Yeah, I gave him your number.”

“What’s the call about?”

Dapo chuckled. “You’ll find out soon enough. One clue though – Blue Flame Catering is in effect.”

“Blu…blue what?”

“Later, dear.” His bubbling laughter was the last thing she heard before the phone disconnected.

What was that all about? Blue Flame what?

Yemisi pushed her feet in white and blue slippers before standing up, adjusted the t-shirt that clearly wasn’t hers, and then walked to her wardrobe. She opened the doors and admired herself in the full-length mirror on the inside of the left door.

Turning this way and that, she cocked her head to one side and eyed herself up and down critically. She liked what she was seeing; her skin looked flushed and healthy, there were lights dancing in her eyes and she wanted to dance.

“I should dance. I’m not single anymore,” she laughed at her own silliness and then pondered the truth of that. She did have a boyfriend. A boyfriend who had been with several women, yet thought her legs were the hottest he’d ever seen.

That counted for something. Dapo wasn’t known for bullshitting.

“Keep it coming; D honey and I may just ask you to marry me. Let’s see what you’ll do then!”

She rummaged through her wardrobe. She was going to do something she hadn’t done in a long while.
Wear a dress.


Yemisi was waiting for the traffic guy to pass her out of the parking lot so she could head on home when Celine Dion’s ‘We Don’t Say Goodbye’ started humming from her bag.

“Okay, that’s just somehow,” she said aloud.

“Good afternoon,” she said as she silenced the phone’s ringing.

“Is this Blue Flame Catering?” A male baritone responded.

“Blue…what?” came automatically out of her mouth – and then she remembered Dapo’s call. “Yes, yes it is. So sorry.”

A chuckled wafted down the line. “Oh okay. I was afraid I got the wrong number. I got your contact from one Dapo – he says you handle cooking engagements.”

“I do…yes, I do,” Yemisi answered, wondering why she could feel her heartbeat in her fingertips. “What do you need?”

“Okay. I’m getting married in a month, and I want your quote for three hundred guests – feeding, serving, wines…the whole works.”

“That’s…that’s not a problem but I’m going to need more specific information. Why don’t I just talk with your wife?”

“She’s not here right now. I’ll give her your number and have her call you. How’s that sound?”

The sudden blare of a horn alerted Yemisi that she was holding traffic. She quickly put her car in gear and continued talking.

“Yes sure. That’s fine. Thank you.”
The man chuckled. “Thank you. I’m Chidi by the way.”

“Sorry. I’m –“

Chidi cut her off. “Yemisi. I know. Later. Thanks!” and hung up.


Thoughts chasing themselves in her head, Yemisi waited till she cleared the church compound and traffic before she stopped the car. Her heart was booming loudly – she was shaking in excitement.

“Oh Lord,” she said, “thank you for giving me a crazy boyfriend!”

And then she called Dapo.

“You didn’t die did you?” he said as soon as he picked. “I didn’t think you would either.”

“You could…you could have warned me! Blue Flame Catering? What is that?”

“You don’t approve?”

Yemisi’s insides went soft. He was only trying to help – and besides, she knew fully well it wouldn’t have happened any other way.

Blue Flame Catering. It sounded…professional.

“I like it actually,” she gushed. “I was just taken by…what inspired it anyway?”

“I sat down with Ayo – that my advertising friend and ran some thoughts by him. We came up with about twenty names – and then whittled down to three, the best of which is Blue. I would have just sent you everything but there wasn’t time, and Chidi has been pestering me.”

“I do like how it sounds.” She couldn’t help wondering what the other names were.

As though reading her thoughts he said, “I’ll send the other names to you shortly – via text.” And hung up.

Easing back into traffic, the thought that her mum was still at home brought a smile to her face. Some supervisory role would be great. Meanwhile, she had to wrap her head around whether she had hurt her boyfriend or not, and if she wasn’t even being overly sensitive.

Yeah. Mothers are so necessary.


“When was the last time you spoke to daddy?” She asked her mother, rolling eba back and forth playfully, molding it into a ball. She hefted it before dipping it in the vegetable stew – only then did she look at the older woman.

“He called just after you left for church.” Mrs. Adeoba sighed. “He says it’s really cold this time of year. I miss my baby jare.” She paused and looked at her daughter.

“This…friend of yours sounds like a gem. And you say you’ve been friends?”

Yemisi’s throat moved spasmodically as she swallowed the eba, rejoiced as cold water followed – and then she spoke.

“Yes, maami. We met in 300 level back in school and we’ve been friends ever since.”

“And how do you feel about him?”

“I…I like him na. I mean, I’m really fond of him and everything. He makes me smile – he’s so dependable and stuff.”

“So why aren’t you dating him yet? Abo de ni e?”

Yemisi nearly spilled her stew as she started, looking at her mum in amazement.

“Mummy! Kilode?!”

“Yes ke! If this boy is as good as you say he is – listening to you talk about him is embarrassing sef, why is he not your boyfriend?”

Yemisi grumbled, straightening her eba and taking a huge handful. “Be patient, mummy. I’ll bring a man home when it’s time!”

“Okay o! Iwo lomo.” Mrs. Adeoba’s bangles clinked as she threw the newspaper down. “Let’s talk about this wedding. What did the wife ask for concerning the menu?”

“She hasn’t called – “ The Celine Dion song cut through whatever she was about to say. “Excuse me ma,” she said to her mum who nodded. And then she picked the call.

“Hello, Blue Flame Catering Services. How may I help you?”

“This is Rita – I’m Chidi’s fiancé. “

“Oh! Hi Rita,” Yemisi began. “My name is –“

“Yemisi. I know,” Rita laughingly replied.

Yemisi sighed. “Okay! So you were supposed to talk me through your feeding requirements…”


“Three million, nine hundred and sixty-seven thousand naira and some kobo,” Yemisi breathed, putting down the calculator and looking at her mother with a mixture of fear and surprise. “I had no idea weddings cost this much o,” she finished.

“You haven’t done one yet have you?” her mother eyed her in disdain. “Don’t worry – it’s even good you have this business now. You would have saved enough money for your own!”

“Mother, I love you but sometimes…” Yemisi shook her head and rose as a knock came from the door. “Who’s there?”

The words were mumbled and indistinct but she had a feeling she knew who was standing there. Sure enough, she opened the door to find a grinning Dapo, arms loaded with several Shoprite bags.

“Hey there girlfriend,” he said.

Yemisi arrested her forward movement that was supposed to end in a kiss; remembering her mother was somewhere behind her, and turned it into a hug. Then she leaned back, hands on hips to regard her boyfriend quizzically.

“Why didn’t you call first?!” She whispered harshly. “MTN and GLO are quite fine today sef o, and my mum…”

Dapo laughed heartily. “Are you going to help me with these things or…?”

Yemisi stuck her tongue out at him as they entered the house, Dapo shutting the door with his elbow below following his gliding girlfriend into the kitchen.

“Yemisi, who is that o?”

“It’s…it’s…” Yemisi looked at Dapo who shrugged. “It’s the boy I was just telling you about – Dapo…”

The words were barely out of her mouth before Mrs. Adeoba appeared at the door like some apparition. “So why is he in the kitchen?” She asked, glowering. “You could at least have brought him to the sitting room first.”

“Good afternoon ma,” Dapo greeted, back creaking loudly as he prostrated, something he had not done in a while.
“E ka san.” He finished, repeating the greeting in Yoruba.

“Thank you jare, omo dada. Pele! How are your parents?” She smiled at Dapo and took his arm, literally dragging him after her as she went back the way she came. Yemisi mouthed ‘cross-examination’ at Dapo when he looked over his shoulder at her, and she smiled as he winced and shook his head.

“Tell me about yourself. Where are your parents from…”

Yemisi’s smile grew wider as her mother’s voice faded into the background.

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