Novocaine Knights #2

This is two episodes in one. Enjoy

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There was something about Wura that nettled Kasi. She seemed to have the uncanny gift of speaking to his soul through her music. It was as if she saw into his subconscious when he slept and journeyed into his nightmares just to wake him up with the gift of a perfect song every morning to ease his pain. The irony was that they hardly spoke to each other save for the idle banter they had in the house in the company of their other housemates. None of that mattered to him. He was charmed by her voice; it was the type that could win awards if combined with the right songs and music producer. Kasiobi had tried to get her into his studio to drop her first single but his efforts always met a brick wall. She was fine being plain Wura with the beautiful voice that calmed his mind every morning.

And today was no different; she was at it again. The silent huskiness in her rich soprano gave out a melancholic resonance that had him relaxed and staring up at his immobile ceiling fan with wide eyes. But it was the words in the song that arrested him most.

Fools that we are
Covering each and every scar
Of broken dreams
Of bitter fights and screams
No one knows with doors discreetly closed
All except for one tenderly looking on
With those eyes of love…
It’s from the inside out
It’s from the outside in
He’s looking through your lies
Looking through your sin…

The door burst open and Lexus barged in, ending his serene moment.

“Hi player!”

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