No Heart Feelings #9

Terdoo rubbed inflamed eyes. They burned in their sockets, reminding her of her need to rest. Kiki was getting agitated in her arms; it was way past her dinner time. The tiny whimpers she let out added to Terdoo’s exhaustion. Every other sound around her gave her the same feeling, causing some form of weakness in her. But nothing weakened her like stepping out of the airport and finding William waiting for her beside a jeep. Sesan and Jeffery were with him as well. Turned out her brief bathroom break hadn’t been so brief. Somehow Liam had found a way to conjure up a jeep and charmed Sesan again just as he had aboard the flight from Lagos.

Terdoo put on her ugliest frown to ward him off but she couldn’t beat her exhaustion. It showed in her eyes and weighed down her shoulders; she knew Liam was going to work her well in that angle. He was familiar with her weaknesses. And he was one of them. Even after six years.

Sesan walked up to her and drew her aside.

“So, he said his family has this guest house in Jabi or Kubwa or is it Nya-nya? Wo, I no know all dis Abuja names. But hin no go mind if we stay there for the night. For free.”

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