On schedules, comments and protected posts

Hello people,
I’m here with a little announcement. No, I’m taking a break from blogging. I’ve had enough breaks for the moment, shoved aside every side job and I’m writing full time now 🙂
However, like I told you, I would not be posting regularly like I used to, due to a few ahems that I will not mention. But when I clear those up, I will resume a full schedule on The Immortals’ Code and To Tame A Virgin.
Okay, to the matter at hand. Your comments. I need them and this is not so that I can look and say yay! I have comments (tho I do that). It’s so that I can grow as a writer. I have come a long way but I still have a journey of a million miles ahead but how do I get there if you neither cheer me on or criticize me? Sometimes it’s really discouraging to come and see a vacant ‘no comment’ section and I’m thinking, did I do bad or well? And I’m wondering if I should continue writing. Here’s what most bloggers won’t tell you. We look forward to the comments; they keep us going. A little word here and there doesn’t hurt so please keep them coming biko.
About Fish Brain… Some people are wringing my neck on posting it and putting a password. Let me explain. It’s a work in progress and I’m getting feedback from people who care to share their thoughts and I’m leaving it open to anyone who can constructively help me get there. I promise you, you won’t be forgotten. Just buzz me on twitter @moskedapages and ask for the code and you’ll be let into the private lounge of a selected few.
So, I’m on my merry way to do whatever it is moms do on a friday afternoon.
Have a lovely weekend!


7 thoughts on “On schedules, comments and protected posts”

  1. We hear you madam. We will drop lines to encourage and hail you. I totally feel you. I work in an office and many times after a job well done, I don’t get any form of word or pat or anything, it dampens my day. People, let’s encourage our writers. Its not easy being a writer in naija where the literary world has no room for upcoming talent. They are trying. Today if ur not soyinka or achebe, no publishing outfit wants to hear you. If you’re not writing politics or some boring topic, no one takes u serious. Abeg, let’s encourage them. It helps them grow. Well done, moskeda, and all ur colleagues. I’ll leave a word more often but no vex if I tell u I didn’t like what u wrote oh!

  2. And I didn’t even know FISH BRAIN had been PWed. It must av been after….
    Ehen, as for comments…I don’t get why people will not make the comments directly in the comments section but will be more than willing to tell it to u on other one -on- one platforms. Are they “Chicken-hearted”? Or like they almost always say, just av a desire “not to hurt how others view the story.” I fink u got one thing very correct sha when u said, everyone who has written any thing hopes to have feedback. It is the only way u help to build them…if u can’t do it where others can also see it and build or challenge wah u av said…just keep it to urself.

  3. Hi, I’m not on twitter so I guess that means I won’t get to complete the fish brain games 😦 just when I got hooked. Now I wish I never strtd readn it. :((((

  4. Pretty please, I love your blog…. I admit I’ve been a silent reader. You breathe life into your characters, am so hooked, preparing for bar finals and I’m using one eye to read ur blog, ur an amazing writer. Keep it up and God bless you

  5. Since i’m not on twitter,i guess i’ll not be among the selected few.so i’ll stop here.thanks all the same for sharing

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