A Kiss In The Dark (In Pursuit Of Kyenpia)

A Kiss In The Dark

Being just inches away from her, her skin was as sublime as I had dreamt it would be. My eyes traced the fine line of hairs on her upper arms that stood when my breath blew hotly over her lips. She drew back, slightly…shyly and scratched her sideburns. She knew there was no way out. She was trapped with me and yet she wanted me. We were alone in this dark room, with the velvet  chaise lounge beneath her, warmly caressing her skin.

“Are you shy?” I asked her and she scratched her sideburns again. A habit of hers. “We could just leave here and have dinner instead.”

“No,” she shook her head vehemently and I caught a whiff of her stimulating perfume. “I want to kiss you, Love Doctor,” she added with a naughty smile. So she wasn’t all that shy.

“Then what’s stopping you?”

“Close your eyes,” she said, almost interrupting me. Surprised, I quickly acceded to her wish and waited.

And waited…

And waited…

Then…I felt her hand slightly on my knee, I felt her move towards me and finally I felt the light touch of her fruity lips over mine…

“What the hell is going on here, Kyenpia?!”

I opened my eyes, closed them again and drew back. I knew that voice like the back of my own hand. It belonged to my cousin, Ishi.

Okay, pause. Rewind. Let’s go back to how all this started. But pause again…

This was no dream. I was just a second away from kissing the love of my life when my aggravating cousin stormed in on us. How in God’s name did he find us here? Never mind that. He had his ways as much as I did.

Okay, rewind.

Annually, the members of the café society hold a clandestine auction called ‘Kiss and Share’ where two good-looking male and female celebrities are chosen after an online vote, to attend an auction where their lips are sold to the highest bidder for just two minutes. The proceeds are used for charity. Last year, someone paid a whooping sum of I-will-not-kiss-and-tell for two minutes with Tiwa’s lips. This year an idiot thought it hilarious to put up Kyenpia as a nominee. I was mad and did everything in my power to trace the bastard behind it but since, it was all clandestine, I couldn’t find out who it was. Then I told myself that Kyenpia was prudish and wouldn’t accept the invitation to such an auction but I got a shocker when I got an alert on my phone with a coded message that indicated she had accepted. After my anger subsided, I thought about her decision and it kind’a made sense. She was a humanitarian in her day job and was one of those people that would give her all to see someone get the best out of life. My only available option was to find a way to protect her.

Now, while all this was going on, I had Sugar under my radar but to be honest, she was untouchable. Coming from a family less richer but more powerful than mine, she could have eviscerated me in a second if she wanted to. But I was untouchable as she was. Her brother was a top, silent financer to the ruling political party in Lagos. In fact, his childhood friend was the governor, so imagine whom I was up against. Yet, I forged on. I was going to get my revenge one way or another. But God works in mysterious ways. If He loves you, He finds a way of dropping all you ever wanted right in your laps (sometimes literally).

The day of the auction didn’t start so well. It started with a dirty twist. The captain had just returned from India and called me to have a serious talk. I hate serious talks.

So the old man began by telling me how the political tides had changed and blah-the-blah. Elections were around the corner and he had, after serious deliberations, decided to switch from the opposition party to the ruling party. Meaning, he was in the same boat with the bitch that screwed me almost to death, meaning if I touched her it would go bad for him, meaning Sugar would go scot free!


“Captain, Captain, Captain!” I shook my head strongly. “That one will not work oh!”

“Just let it go, son.”

He always used ‘son’ whenever he wanted to get on my good graces.

“You’re asking me to do the impossible, Captain.”

“I know you’ll do the right thing,” he concluded with eyes that threatened me and walked out, leaving me alone in his office. I stormed out of the house and as I was driving to the hotel, I got a call from Ada. She said it was an emergency, so I drove to her place instead. She welcomed me, dressed in something aimed to arouse me. It worked for a few seconds but more pressing issues on my mind pulled my eyes away from her lovely frame.

“What’s the problem, baby?” I asked her as she hauled me into her bedroom.

“I’m sorry,” she began by saying.

“Sorry for what?” I asked.

“I lost my engagement ring,” she said with a pout, flashing me her middle finger.

“Is that all?” I asked and held the finger, trying hard not to be mad at her for wasting my time.

“I want another one. My friends say rhodium is the shiznit…”

I laughed. “shiznit? What in God’s name is shiznit?” My smile disappeared and I dropped her finger. “Wait…rhodium? Are you freaking kidding me? Rhodium? Do you know how much that costs?”

“I can pay for it.”

“Yes, I know your father can pay for it but I am the one who is marrying you, not him.”

“No, I meant…” she stepped closer. “Leo, if it takes me going all the way to get a new ring on my finger…”

As I said, bad day. This silly little girl threw away the diamond ring I got for her and now she wanted something she wasn’t worth and was willing to give away something priceless to get it.

“Are you insane, Ada? What do you take me for? You want me disvirgin you just so you can get a rhodium ring?”

Tears welled up in her eyes.

“When is it going to ever happen?” she asked.

How about never?

“It is going to happen when or if we ever get married!”

“If? If? Is that what you’re saying now?”

“Yes Ada.” I lowered my voice for sanity sake and looked into her eyes. “I am calling off the engagement. I can’t deal with this madness anymore. I have no intention of falling into the trap your mother has cleverly set for me.”

“So you’d rather sleep around than touch me?”


“Ehn, Leo? You would rather sleep around than touch me, your fiancée?”

“Ex-fiancee… Ada,” I held her hand and she pulled away, “we can’t do this. I don’t love you, you don’t love me… It can’t work. Marriage is for life. It’s a life sentence and trust me, you don’t want to face that sentence not prepared for the long haul.”

Her lips shook as she tried to quell her tears.

“You’re a wonderful girl and believe me, on a good day, you wouldn’t have been able to keep my hands off you but virginity is like a soap bubble. All it takes is a prick and it’s gone. You want to remember the moment forever. You don’t want to look back at the special moment and see me there and neither do I. I’m damaged goods, trust me.”

“No, you’re not,” she managed in-between sobs but couldn’t hold it in and completely broke down. I ended up spending two whole hours with her. It was difficult leaving her in that state but the moment I walked out that door, I felt seven pounds lighter. However, Sugar and her untouchable status wore on me like a heavy cloak. The captain’s words kept ringing in my ears and I did my best to banish them and faced my day.

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14 thoughts on “A Kiss In The Dark (In Pursuit Of Kyenpia)”

  1. oh! Uv jst got me glued to dis n i must confess uv got ways with words d@ captivates n lingers with feelings of reality. Go girl,ur d best sally #thumbz up!

  2. Lol. I’ve been reading this from the beginning nd it took me this long to realize ds iz a spin off from immortals code. I feel so dumb. 😦 anyway. Nice work :D.

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